Help us with ideas for our backyard landscape

We have this amazing view that makes it feel like we have an infinite backyard. We love it up here on this mountain ridge! And now we need some ideas for the backyard landscape that are awesome enough to match the view. Can you help? We hope to see some fun suggestions in the comments below.

First, take a look at this panorama of the backyard (stitched together from six shots with the very cool open-source, aka FREE, program Hugin). Click the pic for a larger version. This was early March, so it was still mostly dormant from winter.


Next, take a look at the view from here, at a time when the surrounding hills and mountains are more green and lovely.

The previous homeowners put some thought into the landscape, kept the grass areas small, and used drip irrigation for the beds. That was all good. But we feel like there’s too much of the paver bricks, definitely not enough flowers, and we’re thinking we’ll completely remove the grass and do something that features curvy flowerbeds, maybe raised beds with built-in benches to sit and watch the view.  We also want to do vegetable gardening, but it’s deer country, so any veggie beds must be protected. We don’t want to fence off areas for veggies, so we’re thinking of creating some dome-like covers of stiff wire mesh that can be lifted off of raised veggie beds when we want to work in them and secured in place at night to keep deer out.

What do you think? Do you know any great resources we should look at? Post links in comments below, or just give us some input on what you would do to make a beautiful, inviting backyard with room to entertain and enjoy that world-class view. We do expect to continue to have a patio, but perhaps something more natural. I’ve always loved decomposed granite, which is easy to find out in California but seemingly impossible here in Utah.  OK, let’s read your ideas and see any links you have to share. Thanks!

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  1. Here’s something I realize we need to do as we redesign the backyard: put a wall or some evergreen barrier on the southwest corner of the backyard to block the sound of the A/C compressors (ours and the neighbors).

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