Native maples

One of my garden projects this winter is chilling some bigtooth maple (Acer grandidentatum) seeds outside to see if they’ll sprout in the spring. I collected the seeds in the fall from a grove that had some really awesome red leaves. In fact, here’s a photo of me and Dana (my lovely wife) at that […]

Cleaning up Blue Oat Grass

Yesterday, I was surprised to be able to actually do some gardening work on New Year’s Eve. The weather has been unusually warm for the past few weeks. So, anyway, I’ve been wanting to clean up the dead fronds and stuff from a place where we have about 10 bunches of blue oat grass — […]

My backyard arbor

By the way, that’s my backyard in the photo banner at the top of this page, and I built that arbor this summer. I looked at ideas from a book, and just drew up some simple plans and did it from scratch. OK, I’m bragging. :-) Anyway, I love that photo — the backyard looks […]