Month: April 2006

A few sick bushes, tree

I’ve had a few unusual problem this year, and I think it was caused by a late freeze after a warm week. First, I noticed that one of my Golden Rain trees had tiny new leaf shoots that died and got crispy. The leaves at the top of the tree were OK, but all the […]

Fertilized roses, beginning of compost spreading

I finally fertilized the rose hedge. I dug a small trench with the trowel all along the side of the hedge and put in Lily Miller 5-8-4 rose food and added some Colorbust 15-30-15 to give it a little more oomph. It took two small bags of the colorbust, and one large bag of the […]

Turned on sprinklers

Yesterday, I turned on the lawn sprinklers to make sure the fertilizer is watered in. This morning, the grass already looks noticeably greener! I don’t know if it’s just the water or the fertilizer, but it’s sure working quickly!

Fertilized the lawn yesterday

Last night, I fertilized the lawn with IFA Spring/Summer Blend 25-5-10 Premium Lawn Fertilizer. The bag said it would handle 8,000 sq ft, and I believe I have about 5,000 sq ft of sod. I used most of the bag, and took the rest and threw it around my burning bushes, golden rain trees, and […]

A beautiful spring sunburn day!

It was an awesome day today! I worked out side so long, I have a serious sunburn on the back of my neck. Ouch. Here are some things we did today — Dana worked hard most of the day, too: Finished pruning the roses Pruned all the shrubs along the south fence, including yellow-twig dogwoods, […]

Utah Climate Data and Turf Water Requirements

Here’s a handy webpage to check each week to be sure I’m using the right amount of water on my lawn this year: Utah Climate Data and Turf Water Requirements

Pruning, fertilizing, aerating

On Saturday, I had a chance to do some garden work, but not as much as I would like (OK, well I went fishing!). Too bad I got skunked at fishing! I did finally spray my fruit trees with horticultural oil. Wade Tischner brought it over. I meant to take note of the brand, but […]

Forsythia blooming

My Forsythia bush just began blooming in the past two days. I’ll have to take a photo and then post it here. The daffodils in front are starting to open up now. Lots of buds are swelling on the trees, too. I pruned a few more roses in back today, but I need to finish […]

Rose pruning and stuff

I worked on pruning the big row of roses in the backyard yesterday, but I only got halfway through when I had to quit. It got really cold and windy, and snow started falling. But today, it’s about 60 degrees. What a difference we can have in day-to-day weather! The first of my daffodils are […]