Month: June 2006

Irrigation connection: OK!

Tonight, I finally did it. I got the city irrigation water connection all the way hooked up to my sprinkler system, and it’s running. This is awesome! No more $200 water bills in the summer! Now I get all the water I need for about $30 a month. Also, I discovered a few more flowers […]

What’s blooming now

Many flowers are blooming in my yard right now, but it still hasn’t reached its peak. Here’s what I can remember is now blooming. I hope I haven’t forgotten too many: Lavenders just started last week Golden coreopsis has been going for a few weeks Indian Blanket Flower started in the past week or so […]

Planted petunias

I’ve broken down, and for the first time in my life, I bought and planted some petunias. OK, they’re not the gaudy awful ones, they’re just a salmon-pink (‘Hurrah Salmon’ variety), with medium sized flowers, and I want them to fill in spaces in the front walkway flowerbed. I did that on Tuesday, I think. […]