Month: April 2007

Put iron implants in red maple tree

Yesterday evening, I drilled four holes in my chlorotic maple and inserted Medicap FE iron supplements. The tree is leafing, although not as thickly as the two healthy ones. Last August, I injected a lot of EDDHA iron into the soil around the tree with my root feeder watering device. I think that helped; the […]

Started lawn watering this weekend

My lawn has been very dry this month, and after greening up earlier in the month, it’s started getting brown spots again. I decided to turn on the lawn sprinklers last Friday evening. I gave it a full cycle for the lawn and the front flowerbed and then turned the system off. Before I use […]

More blooms in my garden

My Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) are blooming now. This year, I was concerned that all I was seeing from the Muscari was a tousled mass of leaves flopping around. But all of a sudden a week or so ago, the flower spikes just jumped up. They actually keep getting better every year, spreading a little and […]

Granny Smith apple blossom

I thought this photo was so cool it deserved more than a thumbnail. I love this tree! Everything about it is great — the way it looks, the amount of apples it produces, the wonderful flavor of the Granny Smith apples, everything. My favorite things in the garden are the fruit bearers — apples, cherries, […]

Cherry and Forsythia blossoms

My cherry trees are past the peak of blooms, but the flowering cherry shrubs are still building up to their maximum bloom. This is from one of the shrubs. The Kwanzan cherry trees (ornamental flowering trees) are also building up to their peak right now. I’ll take a photo this week. The forsythia is passing […]

Rocky Mountain Maple sapling made it through winter

I’m happy to report that my Rocky Mountain Maple baby made it through the winter. This is a native maple with nice red foliage in the fall. I raised it from seed last year — it was the only seed of maybe 20 that sprouted. I collected the seeds from trees up American Fork Canyon. […]

Groundcovers in bloom

My Vinca minor is blooming pretty well now. I need to get in that area and weed out some grass and weeds real soon, but at a close-up level like this it looks pretty good. I transplanted some of the creeping phlox from my front yard to the back last year, and it’s doing well […]

My little early spring flowerbed

Last fall, I planted an unknown mix of tulips that I got from the final clearance sale of Thanksgiving Point’s tulip bulbs. They were just in baskets, without any sorting of the bulbs for color or flower form, and since it was the last day, I got something like 200 bulbs (including daffodils) for $10. […]

“Whiplash” weather this week!

This should be a warning for me next time we have warm spring weather, and I’m tempted to plant tender things outside before their time:  The KSL weather guy is calling it “weather whiplash” and it is surprising how cold it has gotten after last week’s heat! We had temps in the high 60s and […]

Our new little gardener!

Our baby boy was born on April 6th. What a blessing! This photo is so cute, even though it has those medical devices attached to him. He’s OK, but he needed a little monitoring at first because of low blood sugar.