Month: February 2006

Sagers column: The dirt on new plant varieties

Larry Sagers had a column a few weeks ago that discussed new plant varieties (see: | The dirt on new plant varieties). In it, he mentioned two books I should get: In addition to Nau’s work with new varieties, he is the author of “The Ball Culture Guide,” which is the authoritative guide on […]

Seeds are sprouting…

Today, more sprouting is going on: Salvia nemorosa: clearly beginning to sprout. Salvia transylvanica: hard to tell (I need either my reading glasses or to take my contacts out!). Cosmos: many sprouts now. Echinacea: don’t see any new sprouts; they’ve slowed down, and I think it’s because I turned down the heat. I turned it […]

Spring is coming

Yesterday, we broke 60 degrees for the first time since winter came. It was 64 in Salt Lake, but a little less than that in Utah Valley. Today is forecast for 62 in Pleasant Grove (our local weather station). Very nice! But a storm is now soaking California with rain, and it’s coming here tomorrow. […]

Wow, they’re sprouting already!

Some of my seeds are sprouting after only one day. This method with the moist paper towels is awesome! Especially when combined with a hot pad — things can happen quickly. The white coneflowers are definitely sprouting — several had little “tails” poking out. And they’re supposed to take 10-21 days to germinate. The cosmos […]

Started seeds today

All right — the growing season begins! I started my seeds today that I’m going to grow in the basement until I set the plants out in the garden in May. Here’s the list of what I started today: California poppy ‘Summer Sorbet’ – seeds from Thompson & Morgan Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click’ – seeds from Thompson […]

Warming up!

Hey, it’s warming up this week! It got to over 50 yesterday, and the sun finally feels like an actual sun again. You can feel the radiant warmth on your face when you stand in the sunlight. It’s nice to know the worst of winter is behind us, and spring is on the way. I […]

Frozen again

I’ve remarked before that it has been a very warm winter, and I’ve been able to do a bit of garden work that I usually can’t do this early. But we got hit with a major storm yesterday, and temps are very cold now. They say it might hit 10 degrees tonight. Salt Lake Valley […]

Good things in the mail

Exactly one week after I ordered them, those seeds from Thompson and Morgan arrived today. I’m excited to get them started, along with the ones I gathered from the garden last week. I also found some seeds left over from last year that I didn’t use, including some purple alyssum. I thought perhaps I wouldn’t […]

Ordered annual seeds today

Today, I ordered seeds for two annuals from Thompson & Morgan. They are: California poppy ‘Summer Sorbet’ – pink flowers instead of the typical orange Cosmos ‘Double Click’ – a double-flowering cosmos I was reading some reviews at Dave’s Garden on the weekend, and it looks like people have a love-hate relationship with Thompson & […]

A lot of garden clearing today

Today, I spent quite a few hours working in the garden, mostly in the front yard. I collected seeds from my Salvia nemerosa ‘East Friesland,’ white coneflower, lance-leaved coreopsis ‘Mayfield Giant,’ and a tall flower that’s either salvia transylvanica or nepeta transcaucasica. Can’t remember which, because I have planted both. Those are names from the Thompson […]