It’s safe to plant now!

I’ve had a few friends ask about timing for planting vegetable gardens along the Wasatch Front. The traditional rule of thumb is to wait until Mothers’ Day weekend, and that looks true this year. After the snowstorm last weekend, I was not sure Mothers’ Day would hold up as the right time this year, but […]

Belated fall photos from my backyard

These photos were taken on November 1st — four days before the snow pictures that are a few posts below. These tall Swedish aspens get some nice color in the fall. I thought they were cool enough to post now, even though I’m out of order with some of the stuff below. We had wanted […]

Winter is coming!

We had quite a snowy day today, with snow accumulating last night and all through the day. This evening at around 7:00, my outside thermometer said it was 25, so I’m expecting a very cold night! Winter, here we come! But I don’t mind too much, because we have new skis and a six-pack of […]


Winter rushed in this weekend like a dandelion going to seed. OK, maybe that’s a silly simile. But it did come really fast! My remote thermometer said it got down to 26 on Sunday morning, and it’s been at or below 30 each morning for the past three days. We had some snow on Sunday […]