Plant problems

A sad day for our elm tree

Early Saturday morning, before dawn, our Lacebark Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) suffered a major break from some heavy wind. We’ve had wind like this many times, but there was a weak crotch where two major scaffold branches were growing in too deep of a V-shape. When branches grow with narrow crotch angles, they end up with […]

My garden in late May

Lots of things to share, and I think I’ll just use the photos as my guide: My Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’ is beginning its bloom season now. It will hit its peak probably a week from now, and I’ll post another photo later. I’m having a little trouble with the clematis, because after this time […]

Dying branch on a Japanese maple

My beautiful Japanese maple in front of my house has a disease or something. I’m worried about it. This one main branch and all the smaller branches that shoot off of it are dying. It started with some leaves turning red about a month ago, and now they’ve shriveled up. Some of the smaller twigs […]

Bad luck with Japanese maple seedlings

I’ve tried to raise maybe a dozen Japanese maple seedlings over the past two seasons, and almost all have died. I’m down to only one left now — one just died this week. I don’t know if I’m giving them too much water or not enough. Or if they need more humidity or more shade, […]

Maple disappointment!

I’ve been laboring under the delusion that I was growing a Rocky Mountain Maple from seed I collected up American Fork Canyon. Well, I now think this is probably just a lousy Box Elder tree. It’s awfully similar to the small Box Elder I was growing in a pot until someone at GardenWeb identified it […]

Need help with one Hibiscus shrub

I have this small row of five Hibiscus syriacus shrubs, and one of them has been growing funny the past two years. It doesn’t grow much, and its leaves and flowers are unusually small. It looks a little pale compared to its neighbors, too. Here are some photos: See how short it is compared to […]