Garden maintenance

A healthy, thriving lawn with no fertilizers?

I recently read Plenitude, a book by Juliet Schor. She came highly recommended by a fun financial blog I sometimes read – Mr. Money Mustache. Anyway, Schor is a leader of the Center for the New American Dream, and Plenitude is about living a more sustainable life, leaving behind the typical American consumerism, and basically […]

It’s greenhouse time! And my winter-sowing experiment is working

It’s that wonderful time of the year again; the snow has melted (finally!), the perennial flowers are just starting to poke up through soil, and I’m feeling the urgency to get things started in the greenhouse. I decided to try winter sowing again to get some seeds sprouted, and then I’ll transfer seedlings into the […]

A question on containers for next summer

Since I’ve gotten married, I now live a long-distance commuter lifestyle, so I’m often in California for a week at a time or a long weekend. That’s my other home now, with my wife spending most of her time there and me working and spending time with my kids here. So, here’s the gardening question: […]

A little bit of paradise and a lot of photos

This is the upper part of my backyard today, experimenting with a stitched-together panoramic shot. I also took some other photos of things blooming or looking good in my garden. Too many pictures to comment on right now (it’s late at night!), so I’ll just add them all as a gallery below. What do you […]

Big gardening maintenance day

I had a lot of catching up to do on weeding and stuff today: Weeded the veggie garden (I still need to create some kind of trellis for the green beans, which are only about 3″ tall so far) Weeded some flowerbeds Mowed the lawn Picked a bunch of cherries from our second tree which […]

Planted 100 bulbs before the storm

Today, we’re getting a blast of Arctic air. The day started with the “warm before the storm” at about 45 degrees, and then in a few hours it dropped to around 25 and then got worse. As the snow was beginning to fall, I went out to plant daffodil and hyacinth bulbs. I’ve had them […]

A few things worth noting

I planted green beans last week on the 23rd. I hope there is still enough time for them to grow before fall frosts. I think it’ll work — they’re supposed to ripen in 60 days. Yesterday (the 26th), I trimmed the roses to get rid of all the spent bud growth. This photo shows how […]

Pink Simplicity Roses doing better this year

After seeking input last year on getting my Pink Simplicity roses to bloom better, I decided to do two things this year: Give them a lot more water. I’ve been putting a soaker hose on them for an hour or two once a week, sometimes skipping a week, but trying for once a week. I’ve […]

Whew! Finally got the backyard flowerbed replanted!

I’ve been working on this whenever I get a chance, which hasn’t been often enough, since I’m also finishing our basement this spring; today I finally finished planting all the new flowers in our long backyard flowerbed, after a lot of weeding, giving away plants I don’t want anymore (or tossing some that became like […]