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Trees make you happy

Here’s something cool, shared with me by a coworker. Did you know that trees make you happy? A study from the University of Wisconsin showed that people who live among more trees are more happy. I know that I am! The researchers examined survey data in Wisconsin about mental health and well being, and they […]

Guerrilla gardening!

I just have to make quick mention of this; I’ve seen this before and meant to post about it, but someone’s comment about planting a tree on their neighbor’s lot made me think about it again. It’s called guerrilla gardening, and there’s a great website about it from England at Especially read the post […]

Raspberry pruning

Hey, I just found a good resource on raspberry pruning in response to a conversation with a friend about his berries. I think it provides a good description of how to prune the different types (once-bearing versus “everbearing” types), because the two types require significantly different treatment. Here’s the link. It seems a little complicated […]

Late winter/early spring pruning advice

A friend asked a question on a forum about what I’m pruning these days, and I thought I’d share the answer here. This is based on what I have in my yard: It’s good to prune any shrubs now EXCEPT those that are spring flowering shrubs. Things like forsythia, flowering cherry, or others that will […]

Research on Lavatera tauricensis

I’ve wondered why I never see Lavatera tauricensis mentioned online or anywhere, since it’s been such a great flower for me. And I noticed when I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer that there was a very similar, if not identical, flower growing there, but it had different, more lobed, leaves. Well, I may […]

Cross pollination and fruit trees

Did you know apples need pollination from a different kind of apple tree? Or that crabapples are good pollen sources for apple trees? I knew cherries were particular like this, but I didn’t realize that apples had the same kind of issues. I planted two different kinds of apple trees right next to each other […]