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A healthy, thriving lawn with no fertilizers?

I recently read Plenitude, a book by Juliet Schor. She came highly recommended by a fun financial blog I sometimes read – Mr. Money Mustache. Anyway, Schor is a leader of the Center for the New American Dream, and Plenitude is about living a more sustainable life, leaving behind the typical American consumerism, and basically […]

Trees make you happy

Here’s something cool, shared with me by a coworker. Did you know that trees make you happy? A study from the University of Wisconsin showed that people who live among more trees are more happy. I know that I am! The researchers examined survey data in Wisconsin about mental health and well being, and they […]

Utah wildflower resource online

A friend on GardenWeb found an interesting website about Utah wildflowers (and weeds). It has quite a bit of information. Take a look at:

Guerrilla gardening!

I just have to make quick mention of this; I’ve seen this before and meant to post about it, but someone’s comment about planting a tree on their neighbor’s lot made me think about it again. It’s called guerrilla gardening, and there’s a great website about it from England at Especially read the post […]

Raspberry pruning

Hey, I just found a good resource on raspberry pruning in response to a conversation with a friend about his berries. I think it provides a good description of how to prune the different types (once-bearing versus “everbearing” types), because the two types require significantly different treatment. Here’s the link. It seems a little complicated […]

Late winter/early spring pruning advice

A friend asked a question on a forum about what I’m pruning these days, and I thought I’d share the answer here. This is based on what I have in my yard: It’s good to prune any shrubs now EXCEPT those that are spring flowering shrubs. Things like forsythia, flowering cherry, or others that will […]

Research on Lavatera tauricensis

I’ve wondered why I never see Lavatera tauricensis mentioned online or anywhere, since it’s been such a great flower for me. And I noticed when I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer that there was a very similar, if not identical, flower growing there, but it had different, more lobed, leaves. Well, I may […]

Cross pollination and fruit trees

Did you know apples need pollination from a different kind of apple tree? Or that crabapples are good pollen sources for apple trees? I knew cherries were particular like this, but I didn’t realize that apples had the same kind of issues. I planted two different kinds of apple trees right next to each other […]

I’m cracking up about tree faces!

I think this is hilarious! What a funny idea — I just read about these tree faces in a post on Check them out here.

Soil temperature and vegetable planting

I found a reference to this interesting article by the Minnesota extension service. It shows how long vegetable seeds take to germinate at various soil temperatures. It helps illustrate which veggies are cold hardy, too.