Life in general

Get outside! Even a little nature helps you stay happy

Do you ever go the entire workday without getting outside or seeing any plants, trees, flowers, and birds? A new study says that just getting outside for a few minutes among some elements of nature will improve your mental well-being and can last for hours. Gardens make you happy! I saw this article about the […]

Time for to bloom again!

We all love the changes that springtime brings. This year, spring is bringing a renewed commitment to our garden blog! We’re turning over a new leaf, so to speak. :) I had let the blog go mostly idle for the past four years or so, needing to regroup after divorce, leaving my “half acre of […]

Planting the seeds of a happy life

If you’ve followed this blog in the past year, you know that my gardening life (and my blog activity) has slowed considerably since all the changes in my life took me away from that piece of ground I cultivated and loved for eight years.  Well, on October 10th, 2010 (10.10.10!) my sweet Santia and I […]

Early June rainbow

I’m catching up on some cool photos from the past month. This was a nice rainbow in early June, when we were having quite a bit of rain storms. It also shows the cool playhouse/swingset I built for the kids. It was a kit from Toys R Us. Man, that thing was a lot of […]

Guerrilla gardening!

I just have to make quick mention of this; I’ve seen this before and meant to post about it, but someone’s comment about planting a tree on their neighbor’s lot made me think about it again. It’s called guerrilla gardening, and there’s a great website about it from England at Especially read the post […]

Seed exchange in Salt Lake this Saturday

Kendal from the Utah Gardening Forum at organized a seed exchange this Saturday. He created a very nice flyer to advertise the event but had no place to upload it, so here are two versions: Poster version Version with tear-off reminders It’s too bad I can’t make it, but I hope the event goes […]

The midnight baker

Last night, crazy fool that I am, I was up till 1 AM baking this apple pie. I’m so tired today! But I NEEDED PIE!!! These were the last of my Granny Smith apples, picked about a month ago. They were the smaller, less ripe ones, so I guess they had a lot of shelf […]

One million new trees in ten years!

The Deseret Morning News published an editorial on Sept. 15 calling on Salt Lakers to participate in planting one million trees by 2017. The county and a number of cities have endorsed the effort. I hope there is some plan in place. They need something like the Sacramento Tree Foundation, which did great work when […]

Our new little gardener!

Our baby boy was born on April 6th. What a blessing! This photo is so cute, even though it has those medical devices attached to him. He’s OK, but he needed a little monitoring at first because of low blood sugar.

Master Gardener information

A member of the Utah Gardening Forum on GardenWeb posted some interesting information on the Master Gardener program: Posted by songbirdmommy UT4/5 (My Page) on Wed, Jan 17, 07 at 11:38 When I signed up for the program last week, there was a huge line. Thankfully I was determined to get in and went down […]