My seed inventory, winter 2008-09

A few days ago, I was walking in downtown Salt Lake City, and I saw some very cool Paperbark maples at the LDS Church Conference Center. I like small maples. Well, I actually like all maples. These ones have a papery, peeling bark that gives them some visual interest even when they’re dormant in the […]

Another way to sprout maple seeds

Someone posted a followup on a message I placed last July on about Japanese maple seedlings. The followup asked for more advice about stratifying the seeds and getting them to sprout. This guy posted a response about his method of sprouting them, and it sounds faster than what I did in 2007. He also […]

Bad luck with Japanese maple seedlings

I’ve tried to raise maybe a dozen Japanese maple seedlings over the past two seasons, and almost all have died. I’m down to only one left now — one just died this week. I don’t know if I’m giving them too much water or not enough. Or if they need more humidity or more shade, […]

Rooting willow cuttings

When I pruned my Blue Arctic Willow this spring, I took some of the branches and stuck them in a bucket of water. They root very easily. I have asked a few neighbors if they want some of these starts, but no takers so far. I think they’re a cool shrub. I’ll plant several of […]

Winter sowing results

This is my first year trying winter sowing (see my description here), and some of the seeds have sprouted, though I have 12 containers out and only four have shown signs of life so far. Here are my results so far: At top left is Alyssum ‘Oriental Nights.’ Top right is Lychnis ‘Rose Campion.’ Bottom […]

I got a greenhouse!

This is pretty cool. My wife made a deal with a neighbor who was wanting to get rid of a greenhouse he made some time ago when he was in the glass business. It’s made with strong aluminum framing, all welded together, and real glass — frosted on the sides and clear in front and […]

Winter sowing update

Last week, I sowed some additional seeds in my little milk-jug winter-sowing containers. I sowed: Penstemon smallii (from a generous trade with a local GardenWeb-er) Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium montanum, also from a GW trade) Iceland poppies (seeds from a neighbor) Today, I checked the containers, and the Alyssum have begun sprouting. Here’s a photo of […]