Month: March 2006

Divisions, roses, and other garden work

Today, I got home from work early, so I did a little garden work. I divided my three-year old clump of dianthus and put some on the driveway end of the front walk and some out in the front flowerbed. I also divided some Shasta daisies and spread them around a bit. I put my […]

Clematis cuttings

Today, I pruned my clematis down to one or two leaf buds from the ground. The vines that I cut off had some green leaves coming out on them, so I cut them into smaller segments and put them in a jar of water to see if they’ll root. I read on that someone […]

Killing bindweed or wild morning glory

I just came across an informative thread on bindweed at It’s at: I get some bindweed in my garden, and in some places it’s a serious nuisance. It would be nice to find a website that has photos of all the weeds that grow in our area and how to fight them.

Clematis fertilizing

Here are some postings on how to fertilize clematis from I bought fertilizer, bone meal, and composted steer manure last night, so I’ll do this very soon.  RE: What to feed my clematis? Posted by: suzymac z6, Mass. (My Page) on Wed, Jun 22, 05 at 8:59 Clematis like rose or tomato food. I […]

Seedling inventory

I counted all my seedlings this evening, and here is what I have: 34 Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Mayfield Giant’ 10 Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland’ 62 Echinacea purpurea, a white variety, possibly ‘White Swan’ but not sure. That is, if they come out true from seed. It’s possible some will be purple or maybe even a very […]

Pruning, planting, etc. A busy gardening weekend

Yesterday was a good gardening day. It was warm enough to work in a short sleeve t-shirt while pruning roses (ouch!). Here are things I accomplished in the garden: Pruned the Ruby Meidiland roses in front to about 18″ high. Planted the English daisies and pansies I bought last week along the front walkway. Cut […]

Bought some early-season flowers

Yesterday at Home Depot, I bought some flowers (my daughter Hannah was with me and she complained that I must be addicted to gardening or something). I got some yellow and some purple pansies and some white and some pink-to-purple English daisies. I also bought two bare-root roses at Wal-Mart. The roses are a floribunda […]

Garden mini-expo was too mini and not enough expo

I don’t think I’ll go to another Thanksgiving Point garden mini-expo. It was much too basic. If you’re a guy like me who reads garden books and magazines and has tried a lot of things in the garden, there just wasn’t much to learn. They had people teaching who were trying to earn their master […]

Seedlings update

Earlier this week, I took the jiffy pellets with the white coneflower seeds and put them in a different tray that’s on the heating pad and is still covered. That did the trick, and within seven days, many of them are sending out roots now. The salvias are finally starting to grow more, so they […]

Cold-hardy camellias

Here’s a response to that posting from someone who lives in zone 6 in New Jersey: RE: Camellias in Zone 6 (Utah)? Posted by: ermazi z6, NJ. (My Page) on Tue, Mar 21, 06 at 17:23 April series could be what you need. However, they do not flower from Jan. to March in zone 6, […]