Month: May 2006

Fertilized flowers and roses

Today, I sprayed Vigoro “Bloom Booster” fertilizer on the roses with the hose sprayer. Also did the back flowerbeds, the Hibiscus bushes (south and north), and some of the front flowerbeds, along with the Clematises. I also sprayed the privet bushes, burning bushes, the strawberries, and a little on the flowering cherries, raspberries, and butterfly […]

Memorial Day gardening

We did some fun family things today, like going for a long bike ride to the park, having a picnic with all the kids and playing frisbee. But I also got some time in for gardening. I put the Grubex on the lawn today to protect it from grubs. I hope it works well. I […]

Funny-looking Linden, part two

This Linden tree is giving me fits! Look how it is sending out such a long central leader without enough branches forming along the leader! I’m posting a message about it at in the tree forum to see what kind of answers I can get.

More bloomers

To the list of things blooming now, I would add: Blue Flax, which is a remnant of our wildflower mix. We left quite a few of those bunches up in our Aspen tree area. Our lilac bush, which is a little later than most around here. We have a Korean lilac (‘Miss Kim’ I think). […]

Let the blooms begin!

Some of my perennials are starting to bloom now: Salvia ‘East Friesland’ just began this week, although there are plenty of them that aren’t quite there yet. Dianthus — both the generic bright purple ones and the low-growing mini-carnation kind (Dianthus gratianopolitanus) are blooming. The mini carnations just started this week and the other was […]

Where to plant willows

I have six small corkscrew willow plants growing from cuttings I received at a gardening class. They rooted quicky and are growing well, but I’m not sure I really have a place for them. I read they can get 20′ tall, and they need moist soil in the sun. I don’t really have a spot […]

Update: weeding, fertilizing, lagging butterfly bushes

Yesterday we weeded the front flowerbeds, and we’re really almost done with all the weeding. Yeah! There’s just the area where the vinca groundcover is that has a lot of wild grass in it. On Saturday, I fertilized the front and back flowerbeds with that Lily Miller rose fertilizer (5-8-4 formula). I’m not sure it […]

Planted some corn today

Today, the twins and I planted some corn seeds. We did two rows of Silver Queen and two rows of Kandy King. One ripens in 70-something days, and the other in 90-some days. In a few weeks, I need to remember to plant some more. I’m trying to make the harvest extend over a month […]