Month: July 2006

More bloom updates

My garden hit its peak bloom about a week ago. Now several flowers are in decline, especially in the back flowerbed. Here’s a list of what I can remember off the top of my head: Shasta daisies are starting to shrivel up. I’m going to cut off the heads and see how much rebloom I […]

Garden care this week

I fertilized the lawn today. It was about a month overdue. I also sprayed Malathion on my apples and nectarines and then sprayed a small remaining amount on some flowers that had too many grasshoppers recently. Yesterday, I sprayed the rose hedge with “bloom booster” fertilizer as a foliar feeding. Those roses are actually finally […]

Iron treatment for chlorotic tree

I bought some chelated iron to spray on my maple that has chlorosis. It’s a 4.5% solution of EDDHA iron (that’s the kind of iron molecule it is derived from, which matters for our alkaline soils if I use it as a soil treatment). I sprayed it on the tree today, and we’ll see if […]