Month: November 2006

First hard snow storm

This is our second day of a three-day series of very cold storms. We got the first snow to actually stick around in our yard yesterday. The kids had some fun sledding after school yesterday and today. The roads are icy and the driveway is impossible to shovel now with ice all over. I still […]

Nice flower seed catalogs

I noticed some good suggestions for seed catalogs in the GardenWeb Annuals forum this week. Here are some of them: Swallowtail Garden Seeds from Santa Rosa, California Select Seeds from Connecticut Seedman from Mississippi Stokes Seeds from Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York – these guys have geranium seeds at a much better price than […]

Unusual weather this fall

Back around mid-September, we had a strong string of storms and I stopped watering my lawn and gardens around September 11th. Every week, we had one or two good storms through about mid-October. But since then, we’ve hardly had anything. It had looked like it was going to be a cold winter, but then we’ve […]

Saved some seeds today

I finally remembered to pluck seeds from my Profusion Cherry Zinnias today. I have read a few conflicting things online about whether they’ll turn out true from seed, but I’m going to give them a try. This photo was taken back in August. I also got some seeds from my orange French Marigolds that I […]

Most leaves are gone now

Look how rich and beautiful my backyard arbor looked just one week ago! And today, the leaves are almost all gone. Wind blew them away this week, and there goes the glory of autumn! A few more shots: The one on left shows more of the tall Swedish Aspens by the arbor, and the one […]