Month: December 2006

Mild weather no more!

Wow, our weather is really volatile lately! We just got a great snowstorm starting last night, and we have about 8-9 inches on the ground now. I went out this morning to shovel my driveway, and the neighbors were all out with their four-wheeler ATVs with snowplow blades. I got to use one to do […]

Mild weather

We’ve now had about a week with weather over 40 degrees, and the last two days have been almost 60! It’s been a nice break, since it was in the 20s for almost a week before that. We had snow and ice that didn’t melt off our driveway for a while, but it’s all gone […]

Long-blooming white daisy

Blackfoot Daisy is mentioned on the GardenWeb thread linked in the article below. It’s got small white flowers and blooms spring to fall. I might need to try this out! It is drought tolerant with a deep taproot.

More long bloomers

Another post on that thread at GardenWeb said Salvia greggi ‘Cherry Queen’ bloomed from mid April to October in her zone 6 garden in Missouri. That’s the same zone as us, although it’s much more humid and wet there. She also had a great web reference: The Missouri Botanical Gardens has a site that shows […]

Long blooming perennials

I found a nice thread at GardenWeb on long-blooming perennials. I definitely need to look at some of the plants mentioned. Here are some mentioned repeatedly: Savlia ‘May Night’. They say it goes for something like 18 weeks of bloom! Wow. ‘Walker’s Low’ Nepeta is also mentioned quite a bit. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ (a perennial, spreading, […]