Month: February 2007

Started pruning yesterday

Yesterday, I pruned my nectarine tree, the three butterfly bushes, and did some tinkering with the apple and cherry trees. The butterfly bushes (buddleia or sometimes called buddleja) are easy — you just chop ’em down to about 12″ high. They’re just a clump of old stubs now. But soon, new stalks will rise from […]

Last year’s clematis cuttings are growing!!!

After months of doubt my three clematis cuttings have proven they’re alive! I’m really excited about this! These are the ones I put in a cup of water last summer, and they eventually sprouted roots in the water. Last fall, I planted them in little pots, and they quickly went dormant. I was worried that […]

New clematis cuttings

I was looking at my clematis vines out front today, and I cracked one of the branches, so I brought it in and made new cuttings from it. I have about six of them in a jar with water now. Also, I noticed some new growth coming out of the ground from the clematis on […]

Started geranium cuttings

About three days ago, I started some cuttings from a pink geranium (pelargonium) that we had in a pot on the back deck last summer. It was a plant Emma’s primary teacher at church gave her. The plant has been in the basement all winter, and it keeps flowering. Doing quite well. So, I made […]

We’re finally gonna be above freezing all week!

Yeah! This is really a sad statement about life in Utah, but today the temp got up to 44 degrees, and it felt great!!! The forecast is for mid-40s all week, and I am so stoked about that! Bring on the spring, that’s all I have to say. Maybe if the ground thaws a little, […]

Put maple seeds in fridge

Today, I moved the maple seeds I’d been soaking into the refrigerator to stratify. I’m hoping most of the Japanese Maples will sprout sooner than 90 days, since they chilled outside for half the winter, but I have a hunch that chilling on the tree branches doesn’t help as much as chilling in moist soil. […]

Started soaking maple seeds for stratification

I meant to do this in December, but I’ve finally gotten around to stratifying some maple seeds. I have Japanese, Amur, Rocky Mountain (or maybe Bigtooth), and some normal green maples that get golden leaves in the fall. I collected the Japanese maple seeds from my tree in front of the house, and they were […]