Month: June 2007

When to plant my clematis cuttings

I posted on GardenWeb about whether I should plant in the ground this year my small clematis vines that I grew from cuttings. They’re still pretty small, although they started growing pretty well this year. Here’s my post and a response: I have some [clematis] I grew from cuttings taken when I pruned mine last […]

Seeking help for my rose hedge

I’ve posted on GardenWeb’s rose forum, asking for help with my Pink Simplicity rose hedge. These roses never bloom as well as I think they should, and I’ve been working on getting them the right fertilizer and making sure they’re watered correctly, etc. Here are two photos from late last July, when they flowered at […]

Out of town for a week

I’m on vacation all this week, so I hope my newly planted flowers are doing well! I see that it got cold in Utah, and I hope it doesn’t give us a surprise freeze at night. We put our houseplants on our covered deck so the neighbor girl could water them when she feeds our […]