Month: August 2007

Petunias are really tender perennials

I just learned something new this week. It turns out petunias aren’t true annuals — they’re really tender perennials that die when they freeze. So, I can overwinter them in the basement and plant them out again next spring. And they grow well from cuttings. So, I plan to make some cuttings from my pink […]

Maple disappointment!

I’ve been laboring under the delusion that I was growing a Rocky Mountain Maple from seed I collected up American Fork Canyon. Well, I now think this is probably just a lousy Box Elder tree. It’s awfully similar to the small Box Elder I was growing in a pot until someone at GardenWeb identified it […]

Trimmed my rose hedge last weekend

Last Saturday, I trimmed my Pink Simplicity rose hedge to a uniform four feet or maybe slightly less. They had been quite unruly, because I didn’t prune them at all this spring while I was trying to figure out what was causing them to abort their first wave of flowerbuds. They look nice and neat, […]

A few more summer bloomers

I’ve had some success with cutting-grown Missouri Evening Primroses (Oenothera missouriensis, also called Ozark Sundrops). I made some cuttings last summer and planted the new clones out this spring. These do not seem to be invasive like their Mexican cousins, so I’m liking them a lot. Here’s an example of the annual Geraniums I planted […]

Hibiscus syriacus are great summer shrubs

I really enjoy my Hibiscus shrubs. These go by several names, including Hibiscus syriacus, Rose of Sharon, or Hibiscus Rose. I have three single-flowered ones and five double-flowered. They all start flowering some time in June, I think, and they keep going quite well through September. The photo at left is from last year in […]

Container plantings on my deck

Last month, I planted some things in containers on my backyard deck. I was a little late getting to these, since half of summer was already gone, but I was just in time for the big extended family water party in our backyard. These photos were taken on July 24th, about a week after planting […]