Month: September 2007

One million new trees in ten years!

The Deseret Morning News published an editorial on Sept. 15 calling on Salt Lakers to participate in planting one million trees by 2017. The county and a number of cities have endorsed the effort. I hope there is some plan in place. They need something like the Sacramento Tree Foundation, which did great work when […]

Cross pollination and fruit trees

Did you know apples need pollination from a different kind of apple tree? Or that crabapples are good pollen sources for apple trees? I knew cherries were particular like this, but I didn’t realize that apples had the same kind of issues. I planted two different kinds of apple trees right next to each other […]

Picked our Jonathan apples!

Check out these babies — three really big bowls like this, filled with Jonathan apples. I like these apples a lot; they taste more like green apples than red ones and they ripen a lot earlier than my Granny Smith apples. I believe we harvested these last Thursday, September 6th. That was even a little […]