Month: October 2007

Research on Lavatera tauricensis

I’ve wondered why I never see Lavatera tauricensis mentioned online or anywhere, since it’s been such a great flower for me. And I noticed when I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer that there was a very similar, if not identical, flower growing there, but it had different, more lobed, leaves. Well, I may […]

Late bloomers in my yard

Well, the season is getting pretty late now, but there are a few late bloomers hanging on, hoping for warm Indian summer days! Here are some of the things we’re still enjoying in our yard: The ‘Pink Simplicity’ roses have done better this year, with more regular watering and fertilizer. I finally trimmed them back […]

First snow in the valley

On Saturday the 29th, we got our first snow flurries in the valley. It was a cold, cold storm! We drove to Payson for a high school marching band competition, and it was 32 with snow coming down pretty hard and lots of wind. Our poor daughter had to march in that weather on a […]