Month: October 2008


Winter rushed in this weekend like a dandelion going to seed. OK, maybe that’s a silly simile. But it did come really fast! My remote thermometer said it got down to 26 on Sunday morning, and it’s been at or below 30 each morning for the past three days. We had some snow on Sunday […]

A visit to Temple Square

Earlier this week, I took my camera to work and took a walk to Temple Square during my lunch hour. I wanted to get a few shots of the long, narrow flowerbeds by the lawn between Temple Square and the church office building. I could use some ideas to make my long, narrow beds look […]

Green bean harvest!

This is the first time I’ve grown green beans, and they turned out pretty good. I harvested most of them on Sunday, October 5th. They were planted on July 23rd, so that made 74 days till harvest. The package said they’d be ripe in 60 days, but I imagine the cold nights have slowed them […]