Month: November 2008

Belated fall photos from my backyard

These photos were taken on November 1st — four days before the snow pictures that are a few posts below. These tall Swedish aspens get some nice color in the fall. I thought they were cool enough to post now, even though I’m out of order with some of the stuff below. We had wanted […]

Setting sun on crabapples

I walked out the front door a few days ago in the evening, and the setting sun was making the tiny crabapples on my tree glow and sparkle. I ran back in to get the camera! This is a Prairiefire crabapple. Sometimes I’ve called in Prairie Fire, but I think the proper name is one […]

Winter is coming!

We had quite a snowy day today, with snow accumulating last night and all through the day. This evening at around 7:00, my outside thermometer said it was 25, so I’m expecting a very cold night! Winter, here we come! But I don’t mind too much, because we have new skis and a six-pack of […]