Lots of new flowers this summer

The flowers I grew from seed have done pretty well so far, and I added a few extras to the mix. I love how gaillardia grandiflora will flower the first year from seed. As I mentioned in another post today (about Crimean lavatera), that is a rare trait for a perennial flower. I like the new purple wave petunias this year; last year’s variety was “silver” and they turned out too white. These babies are just coming into their strong growth season now, and I expect they’ll start capturing small animals soon. :)  We also found some great yellow lantanas on sale at Lowe’s for $1 each in 1-gallon pots, and we had to buy them, knowing they won’t survive the fall, let alone winter. If I’m on the ball in early fall, I’ll dig them out, pot them up, and keep them in a basement window or something. We also finally got some callirhoe involucrata (winecups), which are drought tolerant and flower for a long season. They’re still quite small, but we can’t wait to watch them grow. Anyway, check out that front flowerbed above — it’s looking pretty lush now. When we moved in two years ago, it was just a grungy sand pit with cat poop. A neighbor walked by the other morning and said, “everybody loves your flowers!” We appreciate that!

Now for some of the old standbys… This garden is full of wonderful lavenders! In fact, it might be too many, but one thing is certain: we are feeding bees from miles around, all day long. When you sit by the large lavender bed in the front yard on a sunny morning, you can pretty much feel the vibration of all the buzzing! We also have some great potentillas in the back, and plenty of different coreopsis flowers. The gaura is just starting to bloom. And then there is this black-leaved beauty that we don’t know. Does anyone know what plant it is? Please post in the comments if you think you know. The previous homeowners had some pretty good taste, and this is one of their selections.

Finally, the fluffy, shabby-chic variety of Shasta daisies is blooming. Santia loves these flowers. I tease that it’s her hidden, inner grandma. I’m actually starting to like them too (don’t tell her!).

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