Month: September 2006

The batter swings and the summer flies…

The title of this post is from a recent song by Five for Fighting (The Riddle). Anyway, those words keep running through my mind this week, as we’ve had two storms sweep in and blow summer far away. The first was last Friday, which brought snow to the mountains. It’s pretty to see Mt. Timpanogos […]

Picked the Jonathan apples

Two days ago, the twins and I picked all the Jonathan apples, except two or three still on the tree. This is early for them to be ripe, but several more fell off the tree in the previous few days, and I decided they must be ripe enough. They taste great — perhaps slightly tart, […]

Flowers I should not grow again

I’m growing a few flowers that I would not recommend, or at least I don’t want to grow them again. This is Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Double Click.’ I was pretty excited to grow it last spring when I ordered the seeds from Thompson and Morgan. I need to remember that Cosmos get mildewy very easy, even in […]

Garden care this weekend

Today, I fertilized my lawn with Vigoro weed and feed. I hope the weed control part of it works, because I have some dandelions and other weeds in some parts of the grass. I injected quite a few tablespoons of iron into the ground around my sick maple, using my old watering “syringe” thing. I […]