Month: May 2008

Whew! Finally got the backyard flowerbed replanted!

I’ve been working on this whenever I get a chance, which hasn’t been often enough, since I’m also finishing our basement this spring; today I finally finished planting all the new flowers in our long backyard flowerbed, after a lot of weeding, giving away plants I don’t want anymore (or tossing some that became like […]

New blooms for early-mid May

My Kwanzan (or Kanzan) cherries really came into bloom during the past four days or so. This one is the best of the three I have. Below you can see my row of sand cherries (flowering cherry shrubs) in peak bloom at the same time the Prairiefire crabapples are starting to bloom well. I don’t […]

Cherry blossoms — hopefully OK after freezing

Last week, we had two nights, I think, with low temps around 26. That’s cold enough to kill some cherry buds, and I’m not sure how mine are doing. By the way, mine are Lapins cherries. This branch is showing a lot of brown cherry blossoms, but I really don’t know if that’s simply what […]

Flowering plum

My Krauter Vesuvius flowering plum tree hit peak bloom last week, and the blossoms are pretty well fallen off now. Here are two photos from last week on April 29th, when it was probably right at its peak:

Ah, the beauty of a nectarine tree

This is my Mericrest nectarine, and it really has pretty blossoms. Here are a few shots with slightly different lighting. They were taken on April 29 – a week ago. Everything is late blooming this year, because of our long, cold, “La Nina” winter, and it sure is nice to see things finally blooming. Here’s […]