Month: January 2006

Park Seed: Blue Fescue

Park Seed has a good-looking variety of festuca glauca: Park Seed: Blue Fescue – A perennial Blue Fescue with 12-inch silvery foliage.

High Country Gardens

High Country Gardens is a great source for info and photos of ornamental grasses that grow well in the west. I might find a variety on this site and then look for seeds somewhere else, since HCG is expensive. Drought Tolerant Plants, Perennials, and Xeriscaping for Western Gardens

Bought seed starting supplies

I bought some seed starting supplies at Wal-Mart tonight: a 72-cell “Jiffy” system that has the peat disks that you water and then they expand so you can plant seeds in them. We’ll see how it works. Also got 50 of the little miniature peat pots that I need to fill with potting soil and […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.0

Well, I upgraded the blog today to WP 2.0, and it seems to be working fine. I’m going to test whether the plugin that allows me to upload a photo is working well. Here we go: This is a photo from last year in April, when wind was bending the tulips at Temple Square in […]

Thompson & Morgan catalog

The Thompson & Morgan seed catalog arrived this month. It’s an awesome catalog, and it has so much information on each plant that you can use as a quick reference for many plants in your garden. I have ordered from them, and the seed is always great quality. They have some interesting varieties you often […]

Icy driveways

Well, we finally got some snow again this week. Had a good six inches or so to shovel off the driveway on Thursday morning. But what was even more impressive was a few days before that — the snow wasn’t terribly deep, but it got really icy. Our backyard neighbor, Wade, had driven up our […]

Gardening in January?

Today was so warm, I was out pulling weeds in my yard! Well, the ground is still mostly frozen, but I was able to pull out a lot of old, dead weeds from last summer. It was refreshing to be out in the garden again. I remember two winters ago, we had a warm January. […]

My backyard in fall

This is another shot of my favorite part of the backyard, this one in the fall. Click to see a larger image.

My house

This shot was in early May 2005. My crabapple trees in front of my house were about four years old then, and MAN, don’t they have some awesome color? I have really enjoyed those trees in the spring. Click the photo to see a bigger version.