Any hope for veggies in deer country?

It’s the time of year when peas, spinach, lettuce, brocolli, and other cool-season vegetables can be planted. They can handle some spring freezes. But my worry since moving up on the ridge here at our Utah house is that that deer will feast on our garden bounty.

There are a lot of articles on what deer will and won’t eat, and it largely boils down to how hungry they are. I did find this article useful, although plenty of commenters say the deer eat their tomatoes and squash, when it said they’ll generally avoid them.

Sadly, everyone seems to agree my desire for peas and spinach is futile. We have talked about someday creating some kind of enclosure to keep deer out of our veggies. It won’t happen this year, but someday… :)

One thought on “Any hope for veggies in deer country?

  1. I decided to get around my deer dilemma by planting peas and spinach today in two large pots on our lanai (somehow I always feel a little silly calling it a lanai, but it really is more that than a deck), well away from any hungry critters. As the peas grow, I’ll have them spread out on the lanai railing.

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